Friday, September 8, 2017

How to Choose the Right Bowling Ball Weight

The heaviest legal bowling ball weight you will find in most bowling alley's is 16 lbs. while the lightest weight is often 6 lbs. That is a significant difference of 10 lbs.; however, you are free to select a ball anywhere within these limits. But how do you decide which weight to use?

In most cases, males use weights that range from 12-16 lbs., while females use weights ranging from 10-14 lbs. For children, the rule is to choose a ball weighing 1 lb, per their age. Therefore, if your child is 9 years old, they would probably use a 9 lb. bowling ball. However, also take into consideration your child's gender and physical condition.

General Guidelines for Picking Bowling Balls


When you go to a bowling alley, selecting the right ball weight to use is one of the most common concerns that many people face. You should take your time and think carefully before picking a ball or as around for assistance.

Some people love impressing their friends by picking a 10 lb. ball and throwing it at unbelievable trajectories or speed towards the pins. Not only is this potentially hazardous but it is also disrespectful to the bowling center. Any ball that you can hurl at such speeds is probably too light. While you may get a few strikes, often the ball is not heavy enough to knock down all the pins consistently.

On the other hand, you should not pick up the heaviest ball on the rack just to impress your friends with your brute strength. Bowling is a beautiful sport that needs precision and consistency to become good. Moreover, throwing heavy bowling balls can cause serious injury or discomfort.

How Heavy Should you Go


Your ideal bowling ball weight should be the heaviest ball that you can comfortably throw throughout your session. If you are using a 14 lb. ball but later get tired or sore, then you need to switch to a lighter ball. Conversely, if you can throw a 12 lb. ball with ease you need a heavier ball.

You need force to knock down pins. This means that you need the heaviest ball you can throw comfortably at the right speed to gather the force required to knock down the pins. However, if you cannot throw the ball with any speed you risk cancelling out it's weight.

To learn more about bowling alley's and facilities, contact US Bowling at 909-548-0644.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Mini Bowling or Rollerball Bowling For Your Home or Business

Mini Bowling, Rollerball Bowling
Installing a bowling alley can be a great way to attract customers, provide visitors with a unique experience or simply improve your entertainment capabilities, whether at a business or in a home. However, not all areas have the space necessary to install a full-fledged bowling alley. That's why here at U.S. Bowling, we offer mini bowling options.

Mini Bowling Options

Our mini bowling alleys use only one or two lanes, which means that they can fit in much smaller spaces. We've installed our mini bowling alleys in all kinds of different spaces, including in shopping malls, hotels, bars, restaurants, arcades, entertainment centers, movie theater lobbies, amusement parks, colleges, cruise ships and even residential homes. The following are some of the mini bowling alleys that we offer:

  • Rollerball Classic - Our Rollerball Classic mini bowling system is built using two lanes, a Stand-A-Lone control console, a coin operation system, optional card swipe integration and standard 32" LCD monitors. There are even automatic bumpers that you can raise to avoid gutter balls! Additionally, you can also personalize your Rollerball Classic system with a variety of different themes.

  • Rollerball Mini - Not only is the Rollerball Mini system 40 percent smaller than any other mini bowling system on the market (the system is only 33 feet long), but it's designed to be easily accessible for players with physical disabilities as well. Rollerball Mini also boasts an automatic scoring system that makes it easy to pay and play without long setup times.

  • Cannon Bowl - One of our most unique mini bowl systems is without a doubt our Cannon Bowl system. Canon Bowl is a pirate-themed mini bowling system that kids especially will eat up. It's much more than just a "pirate decal" stuck to the side of the system. The mini bowl system integrates all kinds of pirate props, from a large cannon that spits out the bowling balls to treasure chests and safety netting.

  • Rollerball Micro - For those who have very limited space, our Rollerball Micro system is the perfect option. Not only is it relatively short, it's only a single lane, which means it can fit practically anywhere.

These are the four unique mini bowling systems that we can install in almost any available space. For more information about our mini bowling systems or about our bowling alley construction services in general, be sure to contact us at U.S. Bowling today.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

5 Benefits of Having a Home Bowling Alley

If you go bowling frequently or even participate in regular bowling tournaments, then you can consider yourself a bowling enthusiast. If this is the case, then you should consider building a home bowling alley. The following are just a few of the benefits that you'll enjoy from having a residential bowling alley installed in your home:

     You don't have to deal with crowds - One of the perks of having your own bowling alley is that you can use it whenever you want - you'll never have to wait your turn behind another group of people. Additionally, you won't have to deal with a crowd of people distracting you from your game if all you want to do is practice in peace and quiet.

     You don't have to drive - Not having to drive to the bowling alley is a bigger benefit than you might think. It means that you don't have to deal with traffic and that you don't have to try and find parking if there's none available. Not to mention that some people like to enjoy a beer or two while they bowl. Unless you're carpooling, this is obviously a bad idea if you plan on driving. When you have a bowling alley in your home, you can enjoy a few beers while you play!

     You can improve your bowling game - Generally speaking, you typically have to plan ahead in order to get practice in. Not only do you have to factor in how long it will take to get to a bowling alley, but you'll also need to reserve a lane. If you have a bowling alley at home, you can practice anytime you want, which means that you'll get much more time to practice and improve.

     You can make it easier to spend time with the family - Having a bowling alley in your home is a great excuse to spend more time with the family. How many kids are going to turn down a bowling night when they don't even have to leave home?

     You'll have a great way to entertain people - If you like having people over, then they will certainly love coming over if your home boasts its own residential bowling alley!

If you're interested in installing a home bowling alley so that you can enjoy these benefits, then be sure to contact us at U.S. Bowling for information about our professional home bowling installations today.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Why Choose U.S. Bowling for Your New Bowling Center?

If you've decided to build an upscale bowling lounge or a residential bowling alley inside your home, then you'll want to hire a trustworthy and reliable bowling alley contractor with a reputation for high-quality products and installations. If you do a little bit of research, you'll quickly find that U.S. Bowling is one of the most respected bowling alley contractors in the industry. The following are a few reasons why you should us for your bowling alley construction:

  • We have years of experience - Our family-owned and operated bowling business was started by two brothers - Daroll and David Frewing, all the way back in 1994. Daroll's son David eventually joined the company as well. This represents decades of experience within the bowling industry. 

  • We have an exceptional reputation - There's a reason that we've been around for as long as we have. We're good at what we do! In fact, our reputation as grown substantially over the years, to the point where the quality of our work and of our customer service has led us to become the biggest independent builder of new bowling centers in the entire country.

  • We carry top-of-the-line products - Our familiarity with all things bowling means that we know what manufacturers produce the highest quality bowling equipment and accessories. You'll find that we have one of the biggest bowling inventories around, which means that we'll have no trouble meeting your unique bowling alley needs, whether you're building a boutique bowling alley, upgrading an existing alley or building a residential bowling alley in the comfort of your own home. We offer everything from parts and supplies to gutters and capping - and even furniture designed specifically for bowling alley spaces.

  • We can handle any job - Our experience and extensive inventory of parts, equipment and accessories means that we can handle any kind of bowling alley construction. We have built bowling alleys in fitness facilities, in commercial establishments, in educational facilities, in hotels, in offices, in multi-story residential apartments, in single-family residences and even in warehouses. Our professional contractors work closely with every one of our clients to determine their specific bowling alley needs and to make sure that those needs are met.

These are just a few reasons why you should consider working with us. For more information about our bowling alley construction services, be sure to contact us at U.S. Bowling today.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

PBA's Best Bowling Trick Shots

Best Bowling Alley Trick Shots

 Bowling can be a very fun game. Here are some of the top bowling tricks performed by some of the best bowling professionals.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Our Mini Bowling Alley Construction at US Bowling

Bowling alleys can add a lot to a space, whether you're thinking about building a bowling alley in your home or in a commercial space. At home, bowling alleys are a unique feature that can help make your residential space incredibly enjoyable for you, your family and your friends. In a commercial space, bowling alleys help add a social aspect and give patrons another option for entertainment - not to mention that they can help provide more revenue to your business.

However, not every residential or commercial building has the space required for a full bowling alley. This doesn't mean that you're out of luck. Instead, you could go with a mini bowling alley construction. Here at U.S. Bowling, we are a reputable mini bowling alley builder as well, which means we can construct two to four smaller bowling lanes that fit your space, thereby allowing you to take advantage of the many benefits bowling alleys have to offer without having to take up as much space.

Our Mini Bowling Alley Construction

Just because our mini bowling alleys are smaller than traditional bowling alleys does not mean that they are of a lesser quality. We put just as much effort into the quality of or mini bowling alley construction by using equipment that meets our highest standards.

Our mini bowling alleys boast a 50 percent smaller footprint than traditional bowling alleys. We use synthetic bowling lane materials that are treated with silica based agents. This ensures that your bowling lanes will resist wear and tear, thereby making it last for a long time to come. Not to mention that we still use the same gutter and bumper systems for our mini bowling alley construction to ensure that there's not a drop in quality.

Additionally, our mini bowling alleys come in various themes. This allows for an extremely unique bowling system. We'd even venture to say that our mini bowling alley themes are one of the advantages to going with a mini bowling alley instead of a traditional-sized one. And don't be mistaken into thinking our themes only amount to a few different graphics. We go all out - including detailed props, sound effects and visuals to bring your theme to life.

Where a Mini Bowling Alley is Suitable

The following are just a few places that could benefit from a mini bowling alley:

       Your home - Have some extra space in the basement that you're not using? You may not be able to fit a full bowling alley there - but odds are you might be able to fit a mini bowling alley!
       Your bar - If you run a bar, then you'll want to add some sort of entertainment feature. While most typical bars will put up a dart board or maybe a pool table, few add mini bowling alleys. What better way to make your bar stand out from the crowd than by adding a mini bowling alley?
       Your arcade - It's important to have a balance of games at an arcade. For all of those video game cabinets, you'll want to have some physical games available as well - such as air hockey and, you guessed it, bowling.
       Your university - By adding a mini bowling alley to your common area, you give students more reason to socialize with one another while giving them more ways to let loose and de-stress between classes.

If you wish you could install a bowling alley in your home or business but don't have the space - build a mini bowling alley instead! Contact us at U.S. Bowling to speak with a professional mini bowling alley builder today.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Building a Home Bowling Alley

If you're busy designing a new home, then odds are you're considering various entertainment features that will help make your home more unique as well as more enjoyable to live in. There are plenty of options, but one that many homeowners don't even consider is to build a home bowling alley. What could be more fun for you, your family and any guests that come visit your home than your own bowling ally, after all?

Building a Home Bowling Alley

If you've decided that a residential bowling alley is exactly what your dream house needs, then you'll want to make sure that you work with a reputable bowling alley builder to make your dream come true. Here at U.S. Bowling, we have a team of in-house professionals that will work closely with your new home's architects, designers and contractors in order to design and build a stunning home bowling alley. This means that your bowling alley will perfectly fit with the rest of your home and won't feel like a sloppy add on.

Our Residential Bowling Alley Equipment

In addition to designing a beautiful bowling alley that's effectively integrated into the rest of your home design, we will also ensure that your home bowling alley makes use of the best equipment. The following are some of the equipment that we will use for your residential bowling alley:

       Bowling lane equipment - Our bowling equipment is specifically designed for efficiency and durability. For example, our Z-Bumper Gutters are the best in the industry. They are the thickest gutters available and are held tightly in place due to our Z-bracket design. This means that your gutters won't interfere with your bumper rails and that no bowling balls will bounce out. Then there's our EZ-Lift System, which makes resetting pins a snap, as well as our EZ-Lift Pneumatic Cylinders, which result in less wear and tear than other bumper systems and require very little maintenance.
       Bowling furniture - No home bowling alley is complete without comfortable and stylish furniture. You won't want your family and friends sitting on the floor while they wait their turn, after all! We have a wide selection of bowling furniture that you can choose from that will help to add to a classic bowling alley atmosphere, including bowling alley seats, couches and tables. We carry only the highest quality bowling furniture available from reputable manufacturers like Celebrity Furniture and US Vantech.
       Other bowling equipment - In addition to the equipment used in the construction of your bowling alley, we also offer high quality bowling pins, bowling balls and shoes made specifically for use on bowling lanes. In fact, we offer a wide variety of bowling balls, from lightweight polyester bowling balls to urethane bowling balls and more.
       Repair parts and supplies - Even though our bowling alleys are built using the highest quality materials and equipment and tend to last a long time with little maintenance needs, repairs may be required every once in a while. If you do need repairs, we offer all kinds of repair parts and equipment, including pinsetters, lane care and cleaning products and other miscellaneous supplies.

If you're looking to add something special to your new home design, then why not install a residential bowling alley? A home bowling alley will add years of fun and entertainment to your home for your family and friends to enjoy. To find out more about our residential bowling alley design services, installation services and products, be sure to contact us at U.S. Bowling to speak with a professional bowling alley builder today.