Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Our Mini Bowling Alley Construction at US Bowling

Bowling alleys can add a lot to a space, whether you're thinking about building a bowling alley in your home or in a commercial space. At home, bowling alleys are a unique feature that can help make your residential space incredibly enjoyable for you, your family and your friends. In a commercial space, bowling alleys help add a social aspect and give patrons another option for entertainment - not to mention that they can help provide more revenue to your business.

However, not every residential or commercial building has the space required for a full bowling alley. This doesn't mean that you're out of luck. Instead, you could go with a mini bowling alley construction. Here at U.S. Bowling, we are a reputable mini bowling alley builder as well, which means we can construct two to four smaller bowling lanes that fit your space, thereby allowing you to take advantage of the many benefits bowling alleys have to offer without having to take up as much space.

Our Mini Bowling Alley Construction

Just because our mini bowling alleys are smaller than traditional bowling alleys does not mean that they are of a lesser quality. We put just as much effort into the quality of or mini bowling alley construction by using equipment that meets our highest standards.

Our mini bowling alleys boast a 50 percent smaller footprint than traditional bowling alleys. We use synthetic bowling lane materials that are treated with silica based agents. This ensures that your bowling lanes will resist wear and tear, thereby making it last for a long time to come. Not to mention that we still use the same gutter and bumper systems for our mini bowling alley construction to ensure that there's not a drop in quality.

Additionally, our mini bowling alleys come in various themes. This allows for an extremely unique bowling system. We'd even venture to say that our mini bowling alley themes are one of the advantages to going with a mini bowling alley instead of a traditional-sized one. And don't be mistaken into thinking our themes only amount to a few different graphics. We go all out - including detailed props, sound effects and visuals to bring your theme to life.

Where a Mini Bowling Alley is Suitable

The following are just a few places that could benefit from a mini bowling alley:

       Your home - Have some extra space in the basement that you're not using? You may not be able to fit a full bowling alley there - but odds are you might be able to fit a mini bowling alley!
       Your bar - If you run a bar, then you'll want to add some sort of entertainment feature. While most typical bars will put up a dart board or maybe a pool table, few add mini bowling alleys. What better way to make your bar stand out from the crowd than by adding a mini bowling alley?
       Your arcade - It's important to have a balance of games at an arcade. For all of those video game cabinets, you'll want to have some physical games available as well - such as air hockey and, you guessed it, bowling.
       Your university - By adding a mini bowling alley to your common area, you give students more reason to socialize with one another while giving them more ways to let loose and de-stress between classes.

If you wish you could install a bowling alley in your home or business but don't have the space - build a mini bowling alley instead! Contact us at U.S. Bowling to speak with a professional mini bowling alley builder today.

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