Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Types of Bowling Alleys We Build at US Bowling

Bowling is a game that few people dislike - it's one that will always attract people. In fact, bowling is a hugely entertaining social activity, which is why groups of friends and families alike often spend the night out bowling, whether it's for a special event (such as a birthday party) or simply a way to spend time with one another. As such, running a bowling alley can be quite lucrative - as long as you build a high quality bowling center. To do so, you'll need a reputable bowling alley builder, which is why you should work with us at U.S. Bowling.

Types of Bowling Alleys We Build

Don't be fooled by other bowling alley builders into thinking that all bowling alleys are the same - they aren't. We don't believe in a one-type-fits-all method of building bowling alleys. The following are the three types of bowling alleys that we can build for your bowling center:

1.     Boutique Bowling Alleys - If you want to take advantage of the customers that bowling lanes attract by building a boutique bowling alley in your commercial space, whether it's at your country club or your resort, then we can help design and build it. We have years of experience in bowling alley construction, which means we can build a luxurious boutique bowling alley no matter what the location will be.

2.     Family Entertainment Bowling Alleys - If you want to create a bowling center that caters more to families and friends, then odds are you're going to implement a number of other entertainment features to compliment your bowling lanes - from arcades to laser tag arenas. Our family entertainment bowling alley designs can incorporate all kinds of additional entertainment venues.

3.     Hybrid Bowling Alleys - Here at U.S. Bowling, you won't limited to just boutique bowling alleys or family entertainment bowling centers - if you want, we can design a hybrid bowling center that incorporates elements from both boutique bowling centers and family entertainment bowling centers to help meet your unique needs.

What We Have to Offer

Not only can we design and build beautiful and easy-to-use bowling centers, we also take pride in providing the highest quality equipment. The following are a sample of the equipment that we have to offer:

       Bumper and Gutter Equipment - Our U.S. Bowling Z-Bumper and Gutter System uses the best materials available, resulting in more ball action than any other bumper within the industry. Not only will this help to increase your revenue, it also requires little to no maintenance to operate and will last for a long time to come. This is due to our use of EZ-Lift Systems, EZ-Lift Pneumatic Cylinders and Z-Lighted Capping Systems.
       Bowling Furniture - As important as the alleys are, you can't ignore the furniture. People that are bowling are going to be sitting as they wait their turn, after all. We offer a number of high quality seating options to ensure comfort and style, including options from U.S. Vantech, Celebrity Furniture and the Shoreline Collection.
       Bowling Graphics - Last but not least, you'll want to use graphics to help add a dynamic atmosphere to your bowling center. Not only do we offer graphic designs that will boost your bowling center's look, we offer glow graphics that are brighter and that will last longer - even under subar lighting - than any other graphics in the industry.

If you are planning on building a bowling alley for your commercial space, then be sure to take advantage of our wide variety of high quality bowling alley options. For more information on how we can help you, be sure to contact us at U.S. Bowling today.

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