Monday, June 6, 2016

Automatic Scoring

Never purchase OVER PRICED / OUTDATED Automatic Scoring Again!... see why centers all around are joining PULSE scoring rental program. #ScoringRevolution #AutomaticScoring #Bowling #PULSE #WeThinkOutsideTheLanes

Friday, June 3, 2016

Automatic Scoring Rental Program Now Available!

Tired of shelling out big dollars for a scoring system only to have it be obsolete after a couple of years? Then be required to pay for a large upgrade or buy a new system to remain current.

US Bowling's "New" PULSE Automatic Scoring Rental Program lets you get started with a small deposit and easy monthly rental payments. Included with the Pulse Rental Program are free 7 day a week Technical Support, free parts exchange warranty and free software updates.  This means your scoring software will never be obsolete again. There are no maintenance or upgrade fees to pay - just one low rental payment each month. 

Would you like to hear more about how you can afford PULSE AUTOMATIC SCORING today? Call us at 909-548-0644 and mention our blog, or hit the more info link below and we will get back to you with the details.

1)     The rental program only requires a low down payment. 
2)     During the first 7 years, the scoring rental program can save you up to a 40% over purchasing.
3)     The rental program includes the warranty over the LIFE of the rental program.  Not just the 18 months provided by other manufactures.
4)     The rental program includes free tech support over the LIFE of the rental program.  Not just the 18 months provided by other manufactures.
5)     The rental program includes ALL software updates, software upgrades and software improvements over the life of the rental program.  
6)     Monthly rental payments are easily made through normal business operations. 
7)     Rental payments can be written off 100%.
8)     The rental program does not require underwriting to review tax returns, personal financials or other business financials that are required to approve a loan or lease.
9)     The Rental program does not tie up assets or property that hinder the customer’s ability to borrow future money
10)   If approved by Fortune 5 Capital, the rental program only requires a signature and personal guarantee.
11)   With the rental program, if a customer decides they would like to upgrade any part of their Pulse hardware system in the future, this can be done by simply sending the center the upgraded equipment.  The customer then returns the other and Fortune 5 Capital will modify the rental.

Why Purchase a New Scoring System?

1)      If you have a pile of cash you don’t know what to do with, then purchase.
2)      If you want to pay up to 40% more for a scoring system over the same period of time, then      
3)      If you want to collateralize your business or home to a bank or leasing company, then purchase.
4)      If you want to own a major capital investment that will have very little value in the next 5   
         years, then purchase.
5)      If you want to own a software system where the software is outdated after it is installed, then 
6)      If you don’t like the tax advantages of renting, then purchase.
7)      If you want to pay upwards of $550 per lane per year for tech support and warranty, then 
8)      If you don’t like the ability to upgrade your hardware system without another great capital 
         expenditure, then purchase.
9)      If you just like the thought of owning, then purchase.
10)   There are no advantages to owning, so RENT!