Saturday, July 26, 2014

Joint-Venture Bowling Solution - US Bowling

Amusement management systems firm Ideal Software Systems and bowling centre designer and distributor US Bowling Corporation have joined forces.

The aim is to offer the bowling industry Ideal's state-of-the-art business management system that runs an entire facility while integrating with the scoring system.
“We created US Bowling to offer bowling proprietors an independent solution to their capital equipment needs," said Dave Frewing, president of US Bowling.
“Through this partnership with Ideal, US Bowling can now provide the industry with a turnkey system that addresses all of their business management needs from a single vendor."
For two decades, US Bowling has provided the bowling industry with modernisation programmes, new facility construction and a single source of equipment to run bowling centres’ increasingly diversified attractions and profit centres.
“Like Ideal, US Bowling has made a strong, positive impact on its industry by thinking differently,” said David Goldman, founder and president of Ideal Software Systems, which has provided business management systems since 1983.
“Previously, bowling centres were forced to source multiple systems from several suppliers and then try to make them work together," said Goldman.
“Ideal offers a single, native system that simplifies operations by integrating with scoring systems and providing one log-in, one common set of reports, one customer database and one cash drawer for a bowling facility's profit centres.”
Ideal Software's NSite is the only point of sale system that fully integrates all profit centres in an FEC, from party management to cashless and redemption to a complete food and beverage system. Ideal also provides cloud-based solutions and mobile services that allow customers to add and redeem value at an FEC from a smart phone.