Monday, December 8, 2014

Setting Up A Bowling Lounge – Top Concerns

Bowling has proven to be a highly lucrative industry with the highest level of participation. Bowling enthusiasts today prefer to visit bowling lounges for a high-end bowling experience as opposed to visiting conventional bowling centers and bars with bowling alleys. To tap the potential of this lucrative niche, many new bowling lounges are emerging all over the nation trying to make a quick buck out of this new frenzy.

If you too are contemplating of setting up a bowling lounge or boutique bowling then it is important to have some of the top concerns addressed before you delve deep.

#1 Right Location – Spotting the right location for setting up your bowling lounge is very important. Your target customers are people that prefer high-end bowling experience and people that are ready to pay premium prices for that experience. You will therefore need to make sure that your bowling lounge is easily accessible to such a target group. This of course is going to require an in-depth research before you identify the right location to setup your bowling lounge. The success of your bowling lounge will largely depend on the choice of your location.

#2 Finding The Best Bowling Alley Construction Company – The next biggest concern is finding the right bowling alley construction company and bowling equipment manufacturer that has experience in setting up bowling lounges. As opposed to setting up regular bowling alleys, bowling lounges are meant to offer the players with a completely new experience. Not every bowling alley construction company will be able to do justice to such a requirement. You will therefore need to screen your bowling alley construction companies with great care. Take time to review their portfolio to ensure that they have the required skill set to successfully set up an impressive bowling lounge.

#3 Providing The Right Ambience – Creating the right ambience is another key to the success and popularity of your bowling lounge. Setting up a bowling lounge is just not about setting up the alleys and installing the equipment, but if you want to give your customers a whole new experience, you need to put in extra efforts to create an interesting ambience in your bowling lounge. You will need to work closely with your bowling alley construction company in coming up with stunning ambience that will make your customers keep coming back to your lounge. This is where the experience of your bowling equipment manufacturer counts. Everything from the lighting to furniture, everything should be carefully chosen to match the interiors. It should give your customers a cozy feel that make your bowling lounge irresistible and worth paying for.
When you are in the process of setting up your bowling lounge, to get ideas visit as many bowling lounges as possible preferably the bowling lounges set up by the bowling alley construction company that you are planning to work with so that you also get a better understanding of the capabilities of your bowling alley construction company.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bowling in America

Bowling is America's number one sport where multiple people participate. There are over 67 million people who bowl at least once per year, and over 2 million who play in leagues across the country. These statistics and others show that bowling is stable even in hard economic times. It is a fun, family-oriented activity that is usually near to home, and it doesn't usually cost a fortune. 

Many bowling alleys are pulling themselves into the 21st century - albeit, kicking and screaming a little. Some of the bowling modernization changes have to do with updates to the traditional snack bar by offering more high-quality food and beverage options including upscale restaurant, bowling lounges and bars. Other changes are coming to many bowling centers in bringing facilities more up-to-date, re-decorating, offering a better and more broad range of products, and going digital, if they haven't already. Ownership of these bowling centers - both big and small - turns out to be diverse with no central trend other than the fact that a large portion of them appear to be family-owned and operated. All things considered, bowling has become a $6 billion industry in the US. 

Bowling alley construction has really undergone some changes in recent years. In some instances, the resurgence of bowling means that other configurations are in play - being combined with other activities to make it even more family-oriented, or urban upscale changes that use lounge concepts with luxury restaurants and a bistro atmosphere. Affluent homeowners are bringing residential bowling into the home with private alleys that are built-in through home improvement projects. Entertainment parks or hotels are putting in mini bowling systems to profit from this pastime even in small spaces that they can spare. 

A top-notch bowling equipment manufacturer is likely to be very busy if they aren't already with all the growth both now and the near future. Being sure to stock plenty of equipment configurations and different products will be essential to get a piece of the action.
Learn more about bowling alley equipment and construction at US Bowling Corporation.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Residential Bowling Alley Installations – Factors To Be Taken Into Account

Residential bowling alley installations are becoming increasingly popular lately in the US. The number of residential bowling alley installations is increasing every year. Previously, only the most affluent people opted for home bowling alley installations but today more and more people are ready to invest in bowling alley installations at their homes hoping to bring right into their homes the fun and excitement of commercial bowling alleys. Installing residential bowling alley will of course make you popular not only among your friends, but in the entire neighborhood. You can have fun with your family and friends right at your home. Your home will become one of the most favored hangout spots for your friends.

While installing home bowling alleys is certainly a fancy idea, there are certain important factors that need you need to be taken into account before you can successfully install the bowling alleys in your home. The first consideration of course here is going to be your budget. To get an idea on what exactly to expect when it comes to the budget, try to get quotes from the most trusted bowling alley manufacturer. It is important that you contact only reputed bowling companies because the quality and the durability of the bowling alleys installed will of course depend on the quality of the bowling equipment used.

The second most important consideration is the space. The space required will depend on the number of lanes required and whether you need a lounge along with your bowling alley. If we have to take into consideration just the bowling alleys then you will need a minimum of 86’-6” in length. If you are going for two lanes then you will need 11’-6” in width. If you prefer, you can also add aisles on either side of the lanes. In case you are planning to install the bowling alleys in the basement, make sure that the ceiling height is at least 10’ because you will need to install the display equipment over the lanes, moreover, if the ceiling height is too low it will affect the visual appeal of the entire space. When you contact an experienced bowling alley manufacturer, they will give you all the specifications and the minimum space requirements for the entire setup.

It is not enough that you have the required money and the space for the installation of your bowling alley, you need entrances that are wide enough to get the bowling equipment into the installation area. It is therefore important to check with your bowling company on the requirements on the provisions required for the installation. All these are just the groundwork required for the installation. You cannot however put the cart before the horse; you will need to ensure that you spend adequate time to have these basic factors addressed first.

You should work only with an experienced bowling company. The bowling alleys should be installed professionally and the best equipment should be used so that you do not run into frequent maintenance issues and repair work.
For more information on residential bowling alley construction, contact the experts at US Bowling Corporation.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bowling Center Lighting, Visual and Audio Systems by US Bowling

At US Bowling Corporation we design custom lighting, visual and audio systems for your bowling center. Looking to upgrade your bowling center, contact US Bowling to see what we can do for you.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Joint-Venture Bowling Solution - US Bowling

Amusement management systems firm Ideal Software Systems and bowling centre designer and distributor US Bowling Corporation have joined forces.

The aim is to offer the bowling industry Ideal's state-of-the-art business management system that runs an entire facility while integrating with the scoring system.
“We created US Bowling to offer bowling proprietors an independent solution to their capital equipment needs," said Dave Frewing, president of US Bowling.
“Through this partnership with Ideal, US Bowling can now provide the industry with a turnkey system that addresses all of their business management needs from a single vendor."
For two decades, US Bowling has provided the bowling industry with modernisation programmes, new facility construction and a single source of equipment to run bowling centres’ increasingly diversified attractions and profit centres.
“Like Ideal, US Bowling has made a strong, positive impact on its industry by thinking differently,” said David Goldman, founder and president of Ideal Software Systems, which has provided business management systems since 1983.
“Previously, bowling centres were forced to source multiple systems from several suppliers and then try to make them work together," said Goldman.
“Ideal offers a single, native system that simplifies operations by integrating with scoring systems and providing one log-in, one common set of reports, one customer database and one cash drawer for a bowling facility's profit centres.”
Ideal Software's NSite is the only point of sale system that fully integrates all profit centres in an FEC, from party management to cashless and redemption to a complete food and beverage system. Ideal also provides cloud-based solutions and mobile services that allow customers to add and redeem value at an FEC from a smart phone.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bowling Alley Modernization

With US Bowling as your modernization partner, you will get the high quality products and service you and your customers deserve. Upgrading your center will attract new customers while keeping your existing customers happy.
With US Bowling as your modernization partner, you will get the high quality products and service you and your customers deserve. Upgrading your center will attract new customers while keeping your existing customers happy.#BowlingFurniture #BowlingEquipment #GlowGraphics #ReplacementGraphics #BowlingGraphics

Monday, April 7, 2014

Ducky's in South Tamp

Located just west of downtown, Ducky’s adds a new dining and entertainment option in South Tampa, offering innovative bar foods, creative cocktails, state-of-the-art audio/visual capabilities and Rollerball mini bowling by US Bowling in a relaxed, upscale atmosphere.

The boutique sports lounge is the only restaurant in South Tampa to feature four lanes of mini bowling – a smaller, simpler 

form of the sport that does not require special shoes, uses a smaller ball, and incorporates two, 100-inch high-definition projection screens in the middle of each lane for optimal game viewing.

Ducky’s also features an unparalleled hand crafted cocktail list with fresh local produce and top shelf spirits, 24 drafts with a wide range of craft and local brews and a unique and carefully selected wine list.

Bowling Alley Modernization By US Bowling

For all of your modernization needs call us at (909) 548-0644 or visit us at US Bowling Corporation #BowlingEquipment #Modernization #GraphicReplacement #BowlingFurniture

US Bowling has years of experience in the bowling industry. Whether constructing a new bowling center or remodeling an old center, we have done it. Let us know your needs an we can help complete your project efficiently and within the scheduled timeline.
Photo: For all of your modernization needs call us at (909) 548-0644 or visit us at #BowlingEquipment #Modernization #GraphicReplacement #BowlingFurniture

Art Solutions For Bowling Centers

Art Solutions For Bowling Centers
US Bowling provides art solutions for centers interior ... Choose from our impressive collection of custom art, Hi Res photography or your centers existing theme and logos. ( color changing LED Backlighting is not included but is optional ) for more info call us at (909) 548-0644 or visit us at US Bowling Corporation #BowlingArt#BowlingGraphics #CustomArt #LoungeArt

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bowling Graphics by US Bowling

Bowling Graphics by US Bowling.

Arizona youth coach Lance Stern to receive 2014 David Dahms Coach of the Year Award


Lance Stern (pictured) of Yuma, Ariz., the youth director of the Yuma United States Bowling Congress association, has been selected to receive the 2014 David Dahms Coach of the Year Award.

The David Dahms award is named in honor of the youth bowling leader instrumental in the creation of what now is known as the Junior Gold program.

The award recognizes a coach who has been actively involved in a USBC Youth program and has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to coaching, sportsmanship and knowledge of USBC Youth rules.

The International Bowling Campus Youth Committee selects the recipient.

"It's an honor to even be thought of for this award, but to win is incredible," Stern said. "When I first got the call telling me I had won, I was shocked and a little taken back. I never thought that a guy from a small-town program would be considered, let alone win. It's amazing!"

Stern, a USBC Bronze coach, has established several programs for youth bowlers in the Yuma area and is continuing to develop additional programs. He started a program that allows youth bowlers to upgrade their bowling equipment as they grow and become more advanced in their skills.

He encourages adult members to donate used bowling equipment, and has arranged for a low fee for plugging and drilling balls so youth bowlers are able to get affordable equipment.

He has sought out sponsors to donate to youth programs to help bowlers who might not be able to afford to compete in tournaments. He also gets the bowlers involved in fundraising by having them do takeovers in local businesses, holding bake sales and other activities.

Stern said he became involved with the local youth program when his kids started bowling and he wanted to help grow the program and mentor young bowlers.

"I wanted these kids to experience what I did when I was a youth bowler, having someone to teach them about bowling while still making sure it was fun and exciting," Stern said.

Stern also serves the Yuma USBC as vice president and has the youth bowlers take part in community activities such as Bowlers to Veterans Link, Bowl for the Cure, Relay for Life, Toys for Tots and other projects.

Under his direction, youth bowlers from Yuma have earned several national awards and the ACTS team won the Under-15 title at the USA Bowling West Regional while the Under-12 team was runner-up in its division.

For being selected as the USBC David Dahms Coach of the Year, Stern will receive an expenses-paid trip to the 2014 USBC Convention in Reno, Nev., where he will receive the award. will live stream the USBC Convention, including the awards presentation.
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Congratulations to Coach Lance Stern on Coach of the year from US Bowling Corporation.