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Monday, June 6, 2016

Automatic Scoring


Never purchase OVER PRICED / OUTDATED Automatic Scoring Again!... see why centers all around are joining PULSE scoring rental program. #ScoringRevolution #AutomaticScoring #Bowling #PULSE #WeThinkOutsideTheLanes

Friday, June 3, 2016

Automatic Scoring Rental Program Now Available!

Tired of shelling out big dollars for a scoring system only to have it be obsolete after a couple of years? Then be required to pay for a large upgrade or buy a new system to remain current.

US Bowling's "New" PULSE Automatic Scoring Rental Program lets you get started with a small deposit and easy monthly rental payments. Included with the Pulse Rental Program are free 7 day a week Technical Support, free parts exchange warranty and free software updates.  This means your scoring software will never be obsolete again. There are no maintenance or upgrade fees to pay - just one low rental payment each month. 

Would you like to hear more about how you can afford PULSE AUTOMATIC SCORING today? Call us at 909-548-0644 and mention our blog, or hit the more info link below and we will get back to you with the details.

1)     The rental program only requires a low down payment. 
2)     During the first 7 years, the scoring rental program can save you up to a 40% over purchasing.
3)     The rental program includes the warranty over the LIFE of the rental program.  Not just the 18 months provided by other manufactures.
4)     The rental program includes free tech support over the LIFE of the rental program.  Not just the 18 months provided by other manufactures.
5)     The rental program includes ALL software updates, software upgrades and software improvements over the life of the rental program.  
6)     Monthly rental payments are easily made through normal business operations. 
7)     Rental payments can be written off 100%.
8)     The rental program does not require underwriting to review tax returns, personal financials or other business financials that are required to approve a loan or lease.
9)     The Rental program does not tie up assets or property that hinder the customer’s ability to borrow future money
10)   If approved by Fortune 5 Capital, the rental program only requires a signature and personal guarantee.
11)   With the rental program, if a customer decides they would like to upgrade any part of their Pulse hardware system in the future, this can be done by simply sending the center the upgraded equipment.  The customer then returns the other and Fortune 5 Capital will modify the rental.

Why Purchase a New Scoring System?

1)      If you have a pile of cash you don’t know what to do with, then purchase.
2)      If you want to pay up to 40% more for a scoring system over the same period of time, then      
3)      If you want to collateralize your business or home to a bank or leasing company, then purchase.
4)      If you want to own a major capital investment that will have very little value in the next 5   
         years, then purchase.
5)      If you want to own a software system where the software is outdated after it is installed, then 
6)      If you don’t like the tax advantages of renting, then purchase.
7)      If you want to pay upwards of $550 per lane per year for tech support and warranty, then 
8)      If you don’t like the ability to upgrade your hardware system without another great capital 
         expenditure, then purchase.
9)      If you just like the thought of owning, then purchase.
10)   There are no advantages to owning, so RENT!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tips For Setting Up Maintenance Free Bowling Alleys

Are you planning to build a bowling alley? Regardless of whether you are planning to install a commercial bowling alley or a residential bowling alley, regular maintenance is of paramount importance to keep your bowling alley in fully functional condition. Before you rush to install your bowling alley or before you contact your bowling equipment manufacturer to signup, you need to do your homework. Maintenance being one of the major concerns while setting up bowling alleys, you will need to make the right choices. Here are some quick tips for you to set up maintenance free bowling alleys.

Most of the maintenance issues are linked to the quality of the bowling equipment used. You will therefore need to first make a detailed survey of top bowling alley equipment manufacturers in your area. Before signing up with them you will need to make sure that your service provider makes use of the best equipment. Have all your questions on the quality of the equipment answered before you sign up.

Second major reason why frequent maintenance issues erupt with bowling alleys is improper installation of the equipment. It is not enough to buy the best in class bowling equipment but it is equally important to have the bowling equipment installed professionally. It is your responsibility to therefore find an experienced and reputed bowling equipment manufacturer to take care of your installations.

Thirdly, you will need to sign up only with companies that are ready to provide you with ongoing maintenance service and not with companies that just sell the equipment but provide no further support so that if at all there should be any problem, you will know where to go for help.

Fourthly, do not choose your service provider just based on the quote that they give but take all the above factors into account and let the cost be the last factor that you compare. This is where most people make mistakes. They first rush to compare quotes without taking into account the other important factors. If you want to set up maintenance free bowling alleys, do not settle for substandard bowling equipment or for a mediocre service provider. It is best to invest in top quality products that are less likely to have frequent maintenance issues rather than going for cheap equipment that will cost you more money down the line.

It is best to get your service provider visit the place where you would like to install the bowling alley and establish the feasibility. This again will go a long way in avoiding unnecessary confusions during the installation process.

You will be able to enjoy the use of your bowling alley only if the entire system operates smoothly without any issues. You will be able to save you the hassles by carefully selecting your service provider and by reviewing their reputation before signing up. Reputed service providers never leave their customers stranded with maintenance issues but provide them with complete support.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Five Questions That You Need To Ask Before Installing Your Mini Bowling System

Five Questions That You Need To Ask Before Installing Your Mini Bowling System

Are you thinking of installing a mini bowling system? It is certainly a good idea to go for mini bowling when you have a limited space but still want to include a bowling alley to capitalize on your space and to increase your profits. Bowling alley construction is a very specialized process and not everyone could do complete justice to the task. It is therefore important that get the job done by a professional bowling alley construction company. Here are five important questions that you need to ask before installing your bowling system.

#1 What is the experience of your bowling equipment manufacturer?

As mentioned already, not everyone could install your mini bowling system satisfactorily. You will therefore need to find an experienced and professional bowling equipment manufacturer to install your system.

#2 Is the space available good enough for the installation mini bowling system?

Before the work commences, it is important that your bowling construction company physically measures and confirms the suitability of the space for the installation of the bowling system. Work with trusted service providers so that they will give you their honest and professional recommendations on the suitability of the space under question.

#3 What are the bowling system features that will be included in this system?

Each company offers different installation configurations and features. Before the installation, it is very important that you get a detailed list of features and specifications for your bowling system. You should also take time to understand how each feature will enhance the overall experience and what further optional features are available with them so that you could go for the best system possible and avoid reinstallation within a short time for the want of better or the latest features.

#4 How much it is going to cost?

This is an important factor to be taken into account and a very crucial question to be asked before making your decision. If you are comparing quotes, make sure that you are making prudent comparisons. Do not compare just the cost but compare the costs along with the features. Making blind comparison of just the cost will lead to erroneous decisions.

#5 What kind of ongoing support will the company provide after the installation?

All types of bowling systems need regular maintenance. It is therefore not enough that your bowling equipmentmanufacturer just installs the system but they should also provide you with ongoing support. You will therefore need to ensure that you are dealing with a well-established and committed company that is ready to offer ongoing support.

The bowling industry today offers exceptional features and exciting options. It is therefore important that you spend adequate time to screen your mini bowling installation company. It is also not a bad idea to visit previous installations to assess the quality of the work done and also to get inspired for new ideas for your bowling alley. Find the right bowling equipment manufacturer for reliable installation of bowling alleys and make the best use of the space available.



Monday, December 8, 2014

Setting Up A Bowling Lounge – Top Concerns

Bowling has proven to be a highly lucrative industry with the highest level of participation. Bowling enthusiasts today prefer to visit bowling lounges for a high-end bowling experience as opposed to visiting conventional bowling centers and bars with bowling alleys. To tap the potential of this lucrative niche, many new bowling lounges are emerging all over the nation trying to make a quick buck out of this new frenzy.

If you too are contemplating of setting up a bowling lounge or boutique bowling then it is important to have some of the top concerns addressed before you delve deep.

#1 Right Location – Spotting the right location for setting up your bowling lounge is very important. Your target customers are people that prefer high-end bowling experience and people that are ready to pay premium prices for that experience. You will therefore need to make sure that your bowling lounge is easily accessible to such a target group. This of course is going to require an in-depth research before you identify the right location to setup your bowling lounge. The success of your bowling lounge will largely depend on the choice of your location.

#2 Finding The Best Bowling Alley Construction Company – The next biggest concern is finding the right bowling alley construction company and bowling equipment manufacturer that has experience in setting up bowling lounges. As opposed to setting up regular bowling alleys, bowling lounges are meant to offer the players with a completely new experience. Not every bowling alley construction company will be able to do justice to such a requirement. You will therefore need to screen your bowling alley construction companies with great care. Take time to review their portfolio to ensure that they have the required skill set to successfully set up an impressive bowling lounge.

#3 Providing The Right Ambience – Creating the right ambience is another key to the success and popularity of your bowling lounge. Setting up a bowling lounge is just not about setting up the alleys and installing the equipment, but if you want to give your customers a whole new experience, you need to put in extra efforts to create an interesting ambience in your bowling lounge. You will need to work closely with your bowling alley construction company in coming up with stunning ambience that will make your customers keep coming back to your lounge. This is where the experience of your bowling equipment manufacturer counts. Everything from the lighting to furniture, everything should be carefully chosen to match the interiors. It should give your customers a cozy feel that make your bowling lounge irresistible and worth paying for.
When you are in the process of setting up your bowling lounge, to get ideas visit as many bowling lounges as possible preferably the bowling lounges set up by the bowling alley construction company that you are planning to work with so that you also get a better understanding of the capabilities of your bowling alley construction company.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bowling in America

Bowling is America's number one sport where multiple people participate. There are over 67 million people who bowl at least once per year, and over 2 million who play in leagues across the country. These statistics and others show that bowling is stable even in hard economic times. It is a fun, family-oriented activity that is usually near to home, and it doesn't usually cost a fortune. 

Many bowling alleys are pulling themselves into the 21st century - albeit, kicking and screaming a little. Some of the bowling modernization changes have to do with updates to the traditional snack bar by offering more high-quality food and beverage options including upscale restaurant, bowling lounges and bars. Other changes are coming to many bowling centers in bringing facilities more up-to-date, re-decorating, offering a better and more broad range of products, and going digital, if they haven't already. Ownership of these bowling centers - both big and small - turns out to be diverse with no central trend other than the fact that a large portion of them appear to be family-owned and operated. All things considered, bowling has become a $6 billion industry in the US. 

Bowling alley construction has really undergone some changes in recent years. In some instances, the resurgence of bowling means that other configurations are in play - being combined with other activities to make it even more family-oriented, or urban upscale changes that use lounge concepts with luxury restaurants and a bistro atmosphere. Affluent homeowners are bringing residential bowling into the home with private alleys that are built-in through home improvement projects. Entertainment parks or hotels are putting in mini bowling systems to profit from this pastime even in small spaces that they can spare. 

A top-notch bowling equipment manufacturer is likely to be very busy if they aren't already with all the growth both now and the near future. Being sure to stock plenty of equipment configurations and different products will be essential to get a piece of the action.
Learn more about bowling alley equipment and construction at US Bowling Corporation.