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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Our Mini Bowling Alley Construction at US Bowling

Bowling alleys can add a lot to a space, whether you're thinking about building a bowling alley in your home or in a commercial space. At home, bowling alleys are a unique feature that can help make your residential space incredibly enjoyable for you, your family and your friends. In a commercial space, bowling alleys help add a social aspect and give patrons another option for entertainment - not to mention that they can help provide more revenue to your business.

However, not every residential or commercial building has the space required for a full bowling alley. This doesn't mean that you're out of luck. Instead, you could go with a mini bowling alley construction. Here at U.S. Bowling, we are a reputable mini bowling alley builder as well, which means we can construct two to four smaller bowling lanes that fit your space, thereby allowing you to take advantage of the many benefits bowling alleys have to offer without having to take up as much space.

Our Mini Bowling Alley Construction

Just because our mini bowling alleys are smaller than traditional bowling alleys does not mean that they are of a lesser quality. We put just as much effort into the quality of or mini bowling alley construction by using equipment that meets our highest standards.

Our mini bowling alleys boast a 50 percent smaller footprint than traditional bowling alleys. We use synthetic bowling lane materials that are treated with silica based agents. This ensures that your bowling lanes will resist wear and tear, thereby making it last for a long time to come. Not to mention that we still use the same gutter and bumper systems for our mini bowling alley construction to ensure that there's not a drop in quality.

Additionally, our mini bowling alleys come in various themes. This allows for an extremely unique bowling system. We'd even venture to say that our mini bowling alley themes are one of the advantages to going with a mini bowling alley instead of a traditional-sized one. And don't be mistaken into thinking our themes only amount to a few different graphics. We go all out - including detailed props, sound effects and visuals to bring your theme to life.

Where a Mini Bowling Alley is Suitable

The following are just a few places that could benefit from a mini bowling alley:

       Your home - Have some extra space in the basement that you're not using? You may not be able to fit a full bowling alley there - but odds are you might be able to fit a mini bowling alley!
       Your bar - If you run a bar, then you'll want to add some sort of entertainment feature. While most typical bars will put up a dart board or maybe a pool table, few add mini bowling alleys. What better way to make your bar stand out from the crowd than by adding a mini bowling alley?
       Your arcade - It's important to have a balance of games at an arcade. For all of those video game cabinets, you'll want to have some physical games available as well - such as air hockey and, you guessed it, bowling.
       Your university - By adding a mini bowling alley to your common area, you give students more reason to socialize with one another while giving them more ways to let loose and de-stress between classes.

If you wish you could install a bowling alley in your home or business but don't have the space - build a mini bowling alley instead! Contact us at U.S. Bowling to speak with a professional mini bowling alley builder today.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Building a Home Bowling Alley

If you're busy designing a new home, then odds are you're considering various entertainment features that will help make your home more unique as well as more enjoyable to live in. There are plenty of options, but one that many homeowners don't even consider is to build a home bowling alley. What could be more fun for you, your family and any guests that come visit your home than your own bowling ally, after all?

Building a Home Bowling Alley

If you've decided that a residential bowling alley is exactly what your dream house needs, then you'll want to make sure that you work with a reputable bowling alley builder to make your dream come true. Here at U.S. Bowling, we have a team of in-house professionals that will work closely with your new home's architects, designers and contractors in order to design and build a stunning home bowling alley. This means that your bowling alley will perfectly fit with the rest of your home and won't feel like a sloppy add on.

Our Residential Bowling Alley Equipment

In addition to designing a beautiful bowling alley that's effectively integrated into the rest of your home design, we will also ensure that your home bowling alley makes use of the best equipment. The following are some of the equipment that we will use for your residential bowling alley:

       Bowling lane equipment - Our bowling equipment is specifically designed for efficiency and durability. For example, our Z-Bumper Gutters are the best in the industry. They are the thickest gutters available and are held tightly in place due to our Z-bracket design. This means that your gutters won't interfere with your bumper rails and that no bowling balls will bounce out. Then there's our EZ-Lift System, which makes resetting pins a snap, as well as our EZ-Lift Pneumatic Cylinders, which result in less wear and tear than other bumper systems and require very little maintenance.
       Bowling furniture - No home bowling alley is complete without comfortable and stylish furniture. You won't want your family and friends sitting on the floor while they wait their turn, after all! We have a wide selection of bowling furniture that you can choose from that will help to add to a classic bowling alley atmosphere, including bowling alley seats, couches and tables. We carry only the highest quality bowling furniture available from reputable manufacturers like Celebrity Furniture and US Vantech.
       Other bowling equipment - In addition to the equipment used in the construction of your bowling alley, we also offer high quality bowling pins, bowling balls and shoes made specifically for use on bowling lanes. In fact, we offer a wide variety of bowling balls, from lightweight polyester bowling balls to urethane bowling balls and more.
       Repair parts and supplies - Even though our bowling alleys are built using the highest quality materials and equipment and tend to last a long time with little maintenance needs, repairs may be required every once in a while. If you do need repairs, we offer all kinds of repair parts and equipment, including pinsetters, lane care and cleaning products and other miscellaneous supplies.

If you're looking to add something special to your new home design, then why not install a residential bowling alley? A home bowling alley will add years of fun and entertainment to your home for your family and friends to enjoy. To find out more about our residential bowling alley design services, installation services and products, be sure to contact us at U.S. Bowling to speak with a professional bowling alley builder today.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Types of Bowling Alleys We Build at US Bowling

Bowling is a game that few people dislike - it's one that will always attract people. In fact, bowling is a hugely entertaining social activity, which is why groups of friends and families alike often spend the night out bowling, whether it's for a special event (such as a birthday party) or simply a way to spend time with one another. As such, running a bowling alley can be quite lucrative - as long as you build a high quality bowling center. To do so, you'll need a reputable bowling alley builder, which is why you should work with us at U.S. Bowling.

Types of Bowling Alleys We Build

Don't be fooled by other bowling alley builders into thinking that all bowling alleys are the same - they aren't. We don't believe in a one-type-fits-all method of building bowling alleys. The following are the three types of bowling alleys that we can build for your bowling center:

1.     Boutique Bowling Alleys - If you want to take advantage of the customers that bowling lanes attract by building a boutique bowling alley in your commercial space, whether it's at your country club or your resort, then we can help design and build it. We have years of experience in bowling alley construction, which means we can build a luxurious boutique bowling alley no matter what the location will be.

2.     Family Entertainment Bowling Alleys - If you want to create a bowling center that caters more to families and friends, then odds are you're going to implement a number of other entertainment features to compliment your bowling lanes - from arcades to laser tag arenas. Our family entertainment bowling alley designs can incorporate all kinds of additional entertainment venues.

3.     Hybrid Bowling Alleys - Here at U.S. Bowling, you won't limited to just boutique bowling alleys or family entertainment bowling centers - if you want, we can design a hybrid bowling center that incorporates elements from both boutique bowling centers and family entertainment bowling centers to help meet your unique needs.

What We Have to Offer

Not only can we design and build beautiful and easy-to-use bowling centers, we also take pride in providing the highest quality equipment. The following are a sample of the equipment that we have to offer:

       Bumper and Gutter Equipment - Our U.S. Bowling Z-Bumper and Gutter System uses the best materials available, resulting in more ball action than any other bumper within the industry. Not only will this help to increase your revenue, it also requires little to no maintenance to operate and will last for a long time to come. This is due to our use of EZ-Lift Systems, EZ-Lift Pneumatic Cylinders and Z-Lighted Capping Systems.
       Bowling Furniture - As important as the alleys are, you can't ignore the furniture. People that are bowling are going to be sitting as they wait their turn, after all. We offer a number of high quality seating options to ensure comfort and style, including options from U.S. Vantech, Celebrity Furniture and the Shoreline Collection.
       Bowling Graphics - Last but not least, you'll want to use graphics to help add a dynamic atmosphere to your bowling center. Not only do we offer graphic designs that will boost your bowling center's look, we offer glow graphics that are brighter and that will last longer - even under subar lighting - than any other graphics in the industry.

If you are planning on building a bowling alley for your commercial space, then be sure to take advantage of our wide variety of high quality bowling alley options. For more information on how we can help you, be sure to contact us at U.S. Bowling today.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Why Invest in Automatic Bowling Scoring Systems?

With the dawn of the digital era, a new innovation was introduced to the classic game of bowling – the bowling scoring systems. This technology drastically changed the way that participants keep score of their game by allowing a computer to keep track of the players’ scores.

It was introduced in the year 1970, but was not instantly embraced by the people during that time. They continued to use the traditional way of keeping track of scores, which was done with the use of pen and paper. This is because they did not trust the accuracy of the new technology back then.

But over time, innovators were able to create a really good software and hardware which were able to flawlessly keep track of the scores and bowling enthusiasts were finally able to appreciate the system. Today, these automatic bowling scoring systems can be found in most, if not all, of the bowling alleys.

If you are planning to have a business venture with bowling alleys, it is a good idea to include a good automatic scoring system in your new alley bowling construction plan. Here’s why:

1. It sets the modern atmosphere of your bowling alley.

These automatic bowling scoring systems do more than just keep track of the score. Their screens are home to live-action scoring grids which make the game of bowling more thrilling as customers will be able to see a closer view of the ball hitting the pins on-screen. They can even replay the scene if they want.

Aside from this, their screens are also display customizable backgrounds, animations, advertisements, and marketing features, which can be another source of revenue for your business.

2. It increases customer satisfaction.

Your customers will not need to manually take note of the score. The user friendly interface it houses allows your customer to easily operate the system. They will also be able to reduce issues in terms of scoring as people rely on the system for a reliable report of the scoring.
The system also gives them a more exciting experience, because of the modern features it offers, as already stated above.

3. It helps with running the business.

One surprising fact about automatic bowling scoring systems is that it does not only exist for the customers, but for the staff and business owners as well. Many bowling equipment manufacturers are working on integrating clerical work usually done in the back office. Now, the staff can easily create reports, track bills and payments, and control the bowling equipment with ease.

Hence, your staff will be able to focus on other things, like giving out stellar customer service in your food shack or bar, since their time will not be consumed by working in the back office.

Many advances in technology will surely help business people who run entertainment upgrade their services. Bowling alley operators are lucky to have the automatic bowling scoring systems developed, as this will surely give their customers a fun bowling experience like never before.  As Matt Mullenweg said, technology is best when it brings people together.

If you have a new alley bowling construction, get a high quality scoring system.

What is a Boutique Bowling Alley?

A boutique bowling alley is the perfect picture of how different people nowadays enjoy the classic sport of bowling.

Traditional bowling alleys usually have a retro atmosphere, with furniture, arrangements, and decors that give out the old-school vibe.  They also have a lot of bowling lanes to cater to the number of people who want to play. These traditional bowling alleys are still found everywhere, but most of them now have an upgrade in their facilities.

However, you can find boutique bowling alleys in a lot of places especially in upscale metropolitan areas. These can often be located in hotels, entertainment centers, resorts, and even in residential areas.

Compared to traditional bowling alleys, this more modern version of bowling centers is very different, as it primarily focuses on catering to the other needs of its patrons.
Here’s what make them different from the traditional bowling alleys:


Boutique bowling alleys are usually smaller in size compared to traditional alleys, and contain a lesser number of bowling lanes. However, they contain more than just the bowling lanes. They also house a stage for live music, billiards, a bar, a restaurant, and a lounge.
This is because boutique bowling lanes do not only focus on the game, but focuses on giving the patrons an atmosphere perfect for socializing. They give them a lot of choices for entertainment, and patrons are free to choose whatever they want to do to spend their time.
The objective of patrons for visiting bowling alleys have changed from just playing and winning to actually enjoying a good time with other people.

Interior Design

When you step inside, you’ll see all the traditional bowling equipment, however, there are no traces of the old-school vibe in boutique bowling alleys. Instead, everything is modernized. From the flooring, furniture, bowling equipment, lights, and sounds, everything screams of the 21st century.

Automatic Bowling Scoring System

Gone are the days of keeping track of score with pen and paper. Even the bowling scoring systems have received a modern makeover. This enables patrons to customize their game and their score screens.

These new bowling scoring systems have new features, such as being able to switch and see the scores in the other lanes, being able to capture on video and display on-screen a closer view of the ball hitting the pins.

Customer Service

Stellar customer service is one of the things that give you a unique experience in small bowling alleys. For the reason that the place has a smaller number of lanes, the staff are able to focus more on the other activities of the people.

Food and Drinks

Since these new alleys usually house restaurants and bars, the food is a whole lot different from traditional alleys, too. Here, you can get a serving of a sumptuous meal and a carefully mixed cocktail. These can even be prepared for group sharing. Gone are the days of just munching of fries and nachos, and gulping canned soda. In a boutique bowling alley, everyone can have a more fun time playing their favorite sport.


Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Guide to Planning your New Bowling Alley Construction at Home

In this day and age, even homes can opt for a new bowling alley construction. Bowling is every family’s go-to sport for fun and entertainment, as it is very easy to learn and play. Playing together also gives the family a chance to gather in one room and talk while enjoying the thrill of rolling balls to hit standing pins and competing for the win. This is a way for them to exercise together, as well.

Hence, it is not a surprise for these bowling-loving families to find means for them to play the game conveniently. By incorporating bowling alleys in their very homes, they get to play the game without the struggle of traveling from their home to the bowling center.

Some also just want to upgrade their entertainment center in their homes. They did this by putting bowling lanes in their home bars or home theaters, thereby creating a mini version of a boutique bowling alley.

Celebrities, politicians, socialites, and business tycoons are among the few who have considered starting on new bowling alley construction in their homes, including the popular couple Beyonce and Jay-Z.

If you are one of those who would also like to designate a portion of your house to a bowling alley, continue reading the article and go through some considerations that will guide you in making your home bowling alley a wonderful reality.

Space for Bowling Equipment

Make sure you have ample space for the bowling lanes you want to install. Home bowling alleys usually have two lanes. Aside from that, also ensure that you have space for the other bowling equipment that you will be installing, including the pin setters, scoring machines, and ball return hoods. You will also need space for all the furniture and other appliances you want to place in the room.

It would be a good idea to talk to professionals about this so you could get the measurements needed for your new bowling alley construction.

Personalize with a Theme

The best way to make your home bowling alley yours is to give it a theme that matches your personality! You are going to be free with what colors and textures you want to use from your walls to your bowling balls.

If you want to recreate a boutique bowling alley inside your home, you can place a small bar and make sure you have comfortable seating so as to foster socialization in the room.

Take some time to go out to find inspiration everywhere. Then, sit down and review your options before deciding on giving your new bowling alley construction a go signal. When you’ve got a draft of the design you want for your home bowling alley, tell your architects and interior designers about it. Ask them about the aesthetic appeal and feasibility of your project, and consider their comments, too. This way, you’ll be sure that this new entertainment center in your home will be built with the approval of a professional. 

A Quick Guide to New Bowling Alley Construction for Your Business

You can see many bowling alleys nowadays. In fact, there’s always a new bowling alley construction somewhere, at any given time. This is probably because businesses can see that bowling has become a timeless sport and pastime. From the time it was introduced decades ago until this very day, people from different generations flock to bowling alleys to relax and spend some quality time together in a game of bowling.

No matter what the occasion, bowling alleys will always be there for people from all ages. With a market this big, a bowling center is undoubtedly a very lucrative business.

If you are thinking of putting up a new bowling alley as your next business venture, here are a few things to think about before you decide to have a new bowling alley construction:

  1. Look for a good location.

Whether you plan on constructing it inside an existing building or you plan on putting up the building itself, make sure that it is in a place which has high visibility, easily accessible, and with a good spot for your signage. This way, people be able to identify and be aware of your new business immediately.

Make sure to check your location for a good parking space, too. You’ll get less people to come to your place if you give them a hard time parking their cars.

  1. Think of a themed interior.

Instead of giving your customers the traditional bowling alley feels, think of some new themes that will excite people to visit your place. Make it upscale, modern, and colorful. Use lights, paint, and furniture to give them a different experience with the same game they have been playing for years.

  1. Step-up your bowling game.

Revolutionize the sport by setting up automated bowling scoring systems. These innovations give the traditional game of bowling a more modern feel, with a digital scoring grid. Giving your customers a bowling scoring system this easy to comprehend and use will surely keep them coming back to you. You can even use these screens for advertising purposes and generate additional revenue.

  1. Think of additional facilities to put up.

Give your customers the complete entertainment experience by including other entertainment options in your new bowling alley construction plan. Study your target market and find out what other facilities you can put up that they can enjoy and bring in more profit for you. You might consider arcades, bumper cars, and vending machines if you want to attract families. On the other hand, you might want to put up a bar, nightclub, and billiard tables if you want to attract upscale millennials.

Once you have gone over this checklist and thought things through, you are ready to start your new bowling alley construction! Deciding upon these factors should give your bowling alley a unique identity. Remember that in this day and age, people do not just go to bowling alleys to strike down some pins, but to have a great time with their family and friends as well. Just give them a unique and satisfactory experience, and they will surely keep coming back.