Monday, April 7, 2014

Ducky's in South Tamp

Located just west of downtown, Ducky’s adds a new dining and entertainment option in South Tampa, offering innovative bar foods, creative cocktails, state-of-the-art audio/visual capabilities and Rollerball mini bowling by US Bowling in a relaxed, upscale atmosphere.

The boutique sports lounge is the only restaurant in South Tampa to feature four lanes of mini bowling – a smaller, simpler 

form of the sport that does not require special shoes, uses a smaller ball, and incorporates two, 100-inch high-definition projection screens in the middle of each lane for optimal game viewing.

Ducky’s also features an unparalleled hand crafted cocktail list with fresh local produce and top shelf spirits, 24 drafts with a wide range of craft and local brews and a unique and carefully selected wine list.

Bowling Alley Modernization By US Bowling

For all of your modernization needs call us at (909) 548-0644 or visit us at US Bowling Corporation #BowlingEquipment #Modernization #GraphicReplacement #BowlingFurniture

US Bowling has years of experience in the bowling industry. Whether constructing a new bowling center or remodeling an old center, we have done it. Let us know your needs an we can help complete your project efficiently and within the scheduled timeline.
Photo: For all of your modernization needs call us at (909) 548-0644 or visit us at #BowlingEquipment #Modernization #GraphicReplacement #BowlingFurniture

Art Solutions For Bowling Centers

Art Solutions For Bowling Centers
US Bowling provides art solutions for centers interior ... Choose from our impressive collection of custom art, Hi Res photography or your centers existing theme and logos. ( color changing LED Backlighting is not included but is optional ) for more info call us at (909) 548-0644 or visit us at US Bowling Corporation #BowlingArt#BowlingGraphics #CustomArt #LoungeArt