Friday, January 13, 2017

Building a Home Bowling Alley

If you're busy designing a new home, then odds are you're considering various entertainment features that will help make your home more unique as well as more enjoyable to live in. There are plenty of options, but one that many homeowners don't even consider is to build a home bowling alley. What could be more fun for you, your family and any guests that come visit your home than your own bowling ally, after all?

Building a Home Bowling Alley

If you've decided that a residential bowling alley is exactly what your dream house needs, then you'll want to make sure that you work with a reputable bowling alley builder to make your dream come true. Here at U.S. Bowling, we have a team of in-house professionals that will work closely with your new home's architects, designers and contractors in order to design and build a stunning home bowling alley. This means that your bowling alley will perfectly fit with the rest of your home and won't feel like a sloppy add on.

Our Residential Bowling Alley Equipment

In addition to designing a beautiful bowling alley that's effectively integrated into the rest of your home design, we will also ensure that your home bowling alley makes use of the best equipment. The following are some of the equipment that we will use for your residential bowling alley:

       Bowling lane equipment - Our bowling equipment is specifically designed for efficiency and durability. For example, our Z-Bumper Gutters are the best in the industry. They are the thickest gutters available and are held tightly in place due to our Z-bracket design. This means that your gutters won't interfere with your bumper rails and that no bowling balls will bounce out. Then there's our EZ-Lift System, which makes resetting pins a snap, as well as our EZ-Lift Pneumatic Cylinders, which result in less wear and tear than other bumper systems and require very little maintenance.
       Bowling furniture - No home bowling alley is complete without comfortable and stylish furniture. You won't want your family and friends sitting on the floor while they wait their turn, after all! We have a wide selection of bowling furniture that you can choose from that will help to add to a classic bowling alley atmosphere, including bowling alley seats, couches and tables. We carry only the highest quality bowling furniture available from reputable manufacturers like Celebrity Furniture and US Vantech.
       Other bowling equipment - In addition to the equipment used in the construction of your bowling alley, we also offer high quality bowling pins, bowling balls and shoes made specifically for use on bowling lanes. In fact, we offer a wide variety of bowling balls, from lightweight polyester bowling balls to urethane bowling balls and more.
       Repair parts and supplies - Even though our bowling alleys are built using the highest quality materials and equipment and tend to last a long time with little maintenance needs, repairs may be required every once in a while. If you do need repairs, we offer all kinds of repair parts and equipment, including pinsetters, lane care and cleaning products and other miscellaneous supplies.

If you're looking to add something special to your new home design, then why not install a residential bowling alley? A home bowling alley will add years of fun and entertainment to your home for your family and friends to enjoy. To find out more about our residential bowling alley design services, installation services and products, be sure to contact us at U.S. Bowling to speak with a professional bowling alley builder today.

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