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Monday, June 26, 2017

Mini Bowling or Rollerball Bowling For Your Home or Business

Mini Bowling, Rollerball Bowling
Installing a bowling alley can be a great way to attract customers, provide visitors with a unique experience or simply improve your entertainment capabilities, whether at a business or in a home. However, not all areas have the space necessary to install a full-fledged bowling alley. That's why here at U.S. Bowling, we offer mini bowling options.

Mini Bowling Options

Our mini bowling alleys use only one or two lanes, which means that they can fit in much smaller spaces. We've installed our mini bowling alleys in all kinds of different spaces, including in shopping malls, hotels, bars, restaurants, arcades, entertainment centers, movie theater lobbies, amusement parks, colleges, cruise ships and even residential homes. The following are some of the mini bowling alleys that we offer:

  • Rollerball Classic - Our Rollerball Classic mini bowling system is built using two lanes, a Stand-A-Lone control console, a coin operation system, optional card swipe integration and standard 32" LCD monitors. There are even automatic bumpers that you can raise to avoid gutter balls! Additionally, you can also personalize your Rollerball Classic system with a variety of different themes.

  • Rollerball Mini - Not only is the Rollerball Mini system 40 percent smaller than any other mini bowling system on the market (the system is only 33 feet long), but it's designed to be easily accessible for players with physical disabilities as well. Rollerball Mini also boasts an automatic scoring system that makes it easy to pay and play without long setup times.

  • Cannon Bowl - One of our most unique mini bowl systems is without a doubt our Cannon Bowl system. Canon Bowl is a pirate-themed mini bowling system that kids especially will eat up. It's much more than just a "pirate decal" stuck to the side of the system. The mini bowl system integrates all kinds of pirate props, from a large cannon that spits out the bowling balls to treasure chests and safety netting.

  • Rollerball Micro - For those who have very limited space, our Rollerball Micro system is the perfect option. Not only is it relatively short, it's only a single lane, which means it can fit practically anywhere.

These are the four unique mini bowling systems that we can install in almost any available space. For more information about our mini bowling systems or about our bowling alley construction services in general, be sure to contact us at U.S. Bowling today.

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