Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bowling in America

Bowling is America's number one sport where multiple people participate. There are over 67 million people who bowl at least once per year, and over 2 million who play in leagues across the country. These statistics and others show that bowling is stable even in hard economic times. It is a fun, family-oriented activity that is usually near to home, and it doesn't usually cost a fortune. 

Many bowling alleys are pulling themselves into the 21st century - albeit, kicking and screaming a little. Some of the bowling modernization changes have to do with updates to the traditional snack bar by offering more high-quality food and beverage options including upscale restaurant, bowling lounges and bars. Other changes are coming to many bowling centers in bringing facilities more up-to-date, re-decorating, offering a better and more broad range of products, and going digital, if they haven't already. Ownership of these bowling centers - both big and small - turns out to be diverse with no central trend other than the fact that a large portion of them appear to be family-owned and operated. All things considered, bowling has become a $6 billion industry in the US. 

Bowling alley construction has really undergone some changes in recent years. In some instances, the resurgence of bowling means that other configurations are in play - being combined with other activities to make it even more family-oriented, or urban upscale changes that use lounge concepts with luxury restaurants and a bistro atmosphere. Affluent homeowners are bringing residential bowling into the home with private alleys that are built-in through home improvement projects. Entertainment parks or hotels are putting in mini bowling systems to profit from this pastime even in small spaces that they can spare. 

A top-notch bowling equipment manufacturer is likely to be very busy if they aren't already with all the growth both now and the near future. Being sure to stock plenty of equipment configurations and different products will be essential to get a piece of the action.
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