Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What is a Boutique Bowling Alley?

A boutique bowling alley is the perfect picture of how different people nowadays enjoy the classic sport of bowling.

Traditional bowling alleys usually have a retro atmosphere, with furniture, arrangements, and decors that give out the old-school vibe.  They also have a lot of bowling lanes to cater to the number of people who want to play. These traditional bowling alleys are still found everywhere, but most of them now have an upgrade in their facilities.

However, you can find boutique bowling alleys in a lot of places especially in upscale metropolitan areas. These can often be located in hotels, entertainment centers, resorts, and even in residential areas.

Compared to traditional bowling alleys, this more modern version of bowling centers is very different, as it primarily focuses on catering to the other needs of its patrons.
Here’s what make them different from the traditional bowling alleys:


Boutique bowling alleys are usually smaller in size compared to traditional alleys, and contain a lesser number of bowling lanes. However, they contain more than just the bowling lanes. They also house a stage for live music, billiards, a bar, a restaurant, and a lounge.
This is because boutique bowling lanes do not only focus on the game, but focuses on giving the patrons an atmosphere perfect for socializing. They give them a lot of choices for entertainment, and patrons are free to choose whatever they want to do to spend their time.
The objective of patrons for visiting bowling alleys have changed from just playing and winning to actually enjoying a good time with other people.

Interior Design

When you step inside, you’ll see all the traditional bowling equipment, however, there are no traces of the old-school vibe in boutique bowling alleys. Instead, everything is modernized. From the flooring, furniture, bowling equipment, lights, and sounds, everything screams of the 21st century.

Automatic Bowling Scoring System

Gone are the days of keeping track of score with pen and paper. Even the bowling scoring systems have received a modern makeover. This enables patrons to customize their game and their score screens.

These new bowling scoring systems have new features, such as being able to switch and see the scores in the other lanes, being able to capture on video and display on-screen a closer view of the ball hitting the pins.

Customer Service

Stellar customer service is one of the things that give you a unique experience in small bowling alleys. For the reason that the place has a smaller number of lanes, the staff are able to focus more on the other activities of the people.

Food and Drinks

Since these new alleys usually house restaurants and bars, the food is a whole lot different from traditional alleys, too. Here, you can get a serving of a sumptuous meal and a carefully mixed cocktail. These can even be prepared for group sharing. Gone are the days of just munching of fries and nachos, and gulping canned soda. In a boutique bowling alley, everyone can have a more fun time playing their favorite sport.


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