Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Guide to Planning your New Bowling Alley Construction at Home

In this day and age, even homes can opt for a new bowling alley construction. Bowling is every family’s go-to sport for fun and entertainment, as it is very easy to learn and play. Playing together also gives the family a chance to gather in one room and talk while enjoying the thrill of rolling balls to hit standing pins and competing for the win. This is a way for them to exercise together, as well.

Hence, it is not a surprise for these bowling-loving families to find means for them to play the game conveniently. By incorporating bowling alleys in their very homes, they get to play the game without the struggle of traveling from their home to the bowling center.

Some also just want to upgrade their entertainment center in their homes. They did this by putting bowling lanes in their home bars or home theaters, thereby creating a mini version of a boutique bowling alley.

Celebrities, politicians, socialites, and business tycoons are among the few who have considered starting on new bowling alley construction in their homes, including the popular couple Beyonce and Jay-Z.

If you are one of those who would also like to designate a portion of your house to a bowling alley, continue reading the article and go through some considerations that will guide you in making your home bowling alley a wonderful reality.

Space for Bowling Equipment

Make sure you have ample space for the bowling lanes you want to install. Home bowling alleys usually have two lanes. Aside from that, also ensure that you have space for the other bowling equipment that you will be installing, including the pin setters, scoring machines, and ball return hoods. You will also need space for all the furniture and other appliances you want to place in the room.

It would be a good idea to talk to professionals about this so you could get the measurements needed for your new bowling alley construction.

Personalize with a Theme

The best way to make your home bowling alley yours is to give it a theme that matches your personality! You are going to be free with what colors and textures you want to use from your walls to your bowling balls.

If you want to recreate a boutique bowling alley inside your home, you can place a small bar and make sure you have comfortable seating so as to foster socialization in the room.

Take some time to go out to find inspiration everywhere. Then, sit down and review your options before deciding on giving your new bowling alley construction a go signal. When you’ve got a draft of the design you want for your home bowling alley, tell your architects and interior designers about it. Ask them about the aesthetic appeal and feasibility of your project, and consider their comments, too. This way, you’ll be sure that this new entertainment center in your home will be built with the approval of a professional. 

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